Myth-Lang 1
Introduction, 2019-03-15

Myth is my attempt to realize some of the ideas I had in the currently incomplete series of idk-lang posts. I started this as a senior project with a professor while doing my undergrad at Caltech, and I'm going to try to blog out my progress here. Honestly, the lack of literature on languages that have both type-inference, polymorphism, and mutability, is the main reason I'm writing this. Hopefully someone will find something useful here.

It's called Myth because I don't think it'll ever really exist how I want it to. What I want is probably too impractical to exist anyways, and I constantly keep going back and forth during language design when trying to add a feature and understand the tradeoffs of doing so.

Myth is written in OCaml (until it maybe becomes self-hosted), so you'll probably want to brush up on the OCaml syntax before digging too deep here.

We'll start off with lexing/parsing first. Lexing in particular is unfortunately a bit involved since I wanted a whitespace-sensitive language.